Monday, February 1, 2010

Blogging Break - I'm Back!

January flew by so quickly, but what a fantastic start to the new year! Over the past month, Brian and I took a week-long vacation to Chicago and spent time with our adorable nephews, celebrated Brian's 29th birthday with family, and closed on our first home! I'm so excited about the hustle and bustle of moving into our new house over the next few weeks, but I will definately need to get adjusted to my new oven!

I have lots of yummy cakes and sweet treats to share with you, but I couldn't wait for this one... sweet little Harrison turned one last week and we celebrated his birthday in style! The party decor matched his bedroom, pine trees and moose! So cute!

The bottom tier was chocolate cake and vanilla cake layers with whipped banana filling and chocolate fudge frosting. The top tier was banana cake with whipped banana filling and white chocolate frosting. Yummy!

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