Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Ladybugs

Before I get to the ladybugs, I have to tell you about a frog. The other night when Brian walked through the door in the garage, a big green frog leaped its way into the house! We were both laughing hysterically because everytime he tried to catch it, the frog would leap even farther into the house. Now, I'm definitely not anti-frog, but when you have one bouncing through your kitchen and hiding in the crack between your dishwasher and your cabinet I draw the line. Brian finally caught the little guy in a large tupperware and returned him to his grassy home.

Enough about frogs... this little ladybug cake turned out adorable and I was thrilled to hear that everyone at the party couldn't stop eating it!

The cake is made up of Chocolate Cake layers and Cookies n' Cream Filling with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. All of the decorations are made by hand with homemade marshmallow fondant. So cute!


  1. So cute & soooo yummy!!! We seriously couldn't stop talking about it at the party (& eating it)!!! You are just too good girlie!


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