Monday, November 2, 2009

Country-Western Couples Shower

Nothing says "FUN" quite like a backyard BBQ with good country music and great friends. In fact, Brian and I selected this no-fuss theme for our own rehearsal dinner... although some of you may want to avoid baked beans the night before your wedding :)

I love the way this cake turned out... it resembles red bandanas and yellow mums, the decorations used at the party. Both tiers of the cake were chocolate with whipped banana filling. I made the decorations with homemade marshmallow fondant and frosted it with white chocolate buttercream.


  1. Amazing, Andrea. You have talent in every sense of the word!!!

  2. Andrea ~ THANK YOU so much for yet another fantastic addition to a shower for one of my family members! The cake was a HUGE hit and was so yummy! that filling was awesome

    *You also did my sister's shower cupcakes back in May - the ones with the Starfish!

  3. Scott and I did barbeque (baked beans included) for our rehearsal dinner as well. Luckily, no bad stories to tell. :) Great looking cake - love the paisley!


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