Thursday, June 10, 2010

There Goes the Neighborhood

Growing up, I never knew what it was like to have neighbors. Now that my hubby and I purchased our first home in a small neighborhood, I am absolutely LOVING it! One of the biggest reasons why I love our street is that some of our old high school friends are just a few houses down. Robert and Kari are so much fun and their kids are ADORABLE.

Speaking of adorable, Ava's first birthday was a few weeks ago and I was really excited to finally be able to make a cake for Kari and her family.

For Ava, I made a Banana "smash" cake with White Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting, and Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink Lemonade Frosting. The cakes were a hit and the party wasn't complete until Robert put the frosting in Ava's hair!


  1. Andrea, your talent never ceases to amaze me!!! :)

  2. It tasted even better than it looked!!! So sweet Andrea...we LOVE having u guys a couple houses down too:)


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