Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's a Curious Little Monkey

I remember the night we had dinner with Eric & Jenn and they told us they were having a baby. I remember hearing the news while we were in Arkansas that Nolan was born. I remember the first time I held that sweet baby boy. Where does the time go?

Nolan's first birthday is already here. I know that he is such a blessing for our friends Eric & Jennifer. They threw him a special "Curious George" birthday party with their closest friends and family. I was so excited when Jenn told me the theme... I quickly began researching photos of that silly little monkey and the man with the yellow hat.

For Nolan, I made a special Banana Cake with banana pudding filling and homemade buttercream frosting. He had only eaten a few tastes of desserts in his first year, so this was his first real cake to dig into. I also made two Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes for the grown ups.

At first, he wasn't sure... but once he warmed up to the idea of consuming massive quantities of sugar without mommy stopping him, he enjoyed himself! I can't wait to make his second birthday cake!

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