Monday, June 8, 2009

She's got jalapeno hands!

It's not very often that you meet a friend with whom you share so many common passions and goals. I met Jenny while I was in college and we have been getting closer ever since. She loves baking, cooking and watching the food network just as much as I do... if you can believe that. In fact, I think it would be great to own our own cake shop together some day!

Jenny is so much fun and has the rare ability to go-with-the-flow. For her big 25th Birthday Bash, I wanted to make her a unique cake that tasted delicious too. Since Jenny is a cake connoisseur, I figured I couldnt go wrong with a giant S'more-flavored cake! That is why I made this stacked cake with a layer of moist chocolate cake, a layer of graham cracker cake and topped it all off with marshmallow frosting.

In keeping with our tradition that started back in 2006, Jenny and I took this picture doing what we do best... eating CAKE! We have marked every special occasion (friends weddings, baby showers, football games, and even trips to Savannah) by taking a picture with cake (or whatever food we can get our hands on). Jenny, I hope you had the BEST birthday ever... aside from digging out the jalapeno seeds with your hands... thanks for being AMAZING!

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