Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cookies & A Cookie Baker

Just the word "cookie" makes my heart skip a beat. I have never met a cookie that I didn't like, but Chocolate Chip cookies have to be my ultimate top-of-the-list favorite. Take a look at these beautiful thick and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and enjoy some fun facts that you may not know about me...

Ten Things About ME...
# 10 - I take 2 Finstones chewable vitamins every day, but I refuse to take 2 of the same color.
# 9 - I can wiggle my ears on command
# 8 - When I am home alone, I pretend to host my own cooking show.
# 7 - I don't eat condiments - NO ketchup, mustard, cream cheese...

# 6 - I absolutely love my in-laws, which I hear is pretty rare.
# 5 - I am scared to death of getting my wisdom teeth removed.
# 4 - In college, I ate quesadillas from Moe's four times a week

# 3 - I was once stuck in an elevator with 12 Hungarian people.
# 2 - I have kept every card that Brian gave me while we were dating. Three birthday cards in a row were identical. When asked why he bought the same card three times, he said "it must be a good card."
# 1 - I love breakfast for dinner (especially pancakes)


  1. Girl... makes me want a chocolate cookie, haha!!! I love learning more about ya!

  2. Harmony Hayes BookerJuly 17, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    The next time you are experimenting please let me know, so I can come be your taste-tester ;-).

  3. those cookies look sooo good! you're making my mouth water!

  4. Hey Andrea! When you were stuck in the elevator with 12 Hungarians, was that for OM, or some other random Hungarians? =)

    ~ Britt L.


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