Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love You Blue

Will Farrell said it best in the movie Old School when he expressed his love for the old man named Blue. Well, I am in love with Blue too... blue-berries, that is. Earlier this week, Brian and I joined the Moser family for dinner and I made a fresh Blueberry Streusel Cake for dessert. I feel so blessed to have many different families that love us and make us feel at home. The Moser's are no exception. I have always been inspired by Cheryl's passion for baking. In fact, everytime we visit their house, I catch up on several months' of Taste of Home magazine!

The term "streusel" is a German word that means something scattered or sprinkled. The crumb topping on this cake has cinnamon and nutmeg, two of my favorite baking spices. The topping becomes crisp after the cake cools and adds a nice contrast to the lemony cake underneath.

While eating his second slice, Blake asked me if chocolate would be good in this cake. I am a firm believer that chocolate makes everything taste better, so I will definately try adding a drizzle of chocolate on top next time I make this cake!

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