Monday, April 6, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Birthdays are momentous. I think they are so important, they deserve an entire week of celebration. To put it lightly, I LOVE birthdays.

Today is Mandi's 26th birthday and we are all a little tired from the super-fun-filled weekend we just had! Mandi is more than amazing. She has such a good heart and understands the true meaning of friendship. She has an obsession with Gatorade, loves watching re-runs of Newlyweds, has more white shirts than anyone I know, adores her niece & nephew, and believes in the power of prayer. Best of all, she has a contagious laugh that I always catch. My husband says when I am with Mandi I act like a "goofball." Need I say more?

What is a birthday celebration without cake? For Mandi, I made a 4-layer Fluffy Lemon Cake with lemon curd filling and pink lemonade frosting. She was so surprised when we brought out the cake and all of the colors came together so perfectly... it looked like a celebrity birthday bash!

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