Thursday, April 16, 2009

May I borrow your can opener?

Being a newlywed is exciting. You learn that a dining room table isn't a necessity, borrowing a couch from friends makes a house feel like a home, and that Wusthof Blackwood Knife set from Williams Sonoma isn't the key to happiness.

One of the first dinners that I made for Brian after the wedding was chicken tortilla soup, which called for a can of tomatoes. The soup was on the stove and almost done... and that's when I realized we didn't own a can opener! Luckily, Aunt Nancy down the street let us borrow hers. Well, the same thing happened the other day while I was making Classic Banana Bread. Realizing that we don't own a loaf pan, I decided to bake the bread in a bundt pan!

The bread turned out delicious and the bundt pan worked great. My recipe has brown sugar and sour cream, two ingredients not typically found in banana bread. Next time I make it, I will try adding pecans or walnuts to add some crunch.

I guess it is time that we use all of those Williams Sonoma gift cards we got at the wedding to buy a loaf pan and a can opener!

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